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19 Jul
The eccentric pop of Futuro Pelo. par Jerome

Futuro Pelo signs a new opus: one year after "Bluff", here it is with "Eden"!
The eccentric pop of Futuro Pelo.

The songs Swamp, Hands and Bluff and their catchy choruses had already turned on the French airwaves. Make some room now for new songs even more barred, but still in the youthful style that is specific to Benjamin Sportes.

In this EP, Futuro alternates its various influences, thanks to a musical background of 30 years, where we can discern its past of rockabilly, the culture of sampled beats of Sporto Kantes or his attachment to the Latin music and its warm tunes.
We note, however, our attachment to 'Automne' , a title on which he invited a London rapper, Chima Anya , which reveals once again a new facet of the artist.

A summary of 5 hybrid titles signed Futuro Pelo, perfect to interfere in your summer.

Futuro Pelo - Automne (feat. Chima Anya)
Futuro Pelo - Warming (feat. La Flaca)
Futuro Pelo - Nncy
Futuro Pelo - Eden
Futuro Pelo - On & On (feat. Neysa May)
12 Jul
Premiere : ZOOEY 'Inspiration Information 1' par David Robin

Un an après la sortie de l’album The Drifters, ZOOEY, duo bordelais installé depuis plusieurs années à Londres, publie aujourd’hui un cinq titres ‘Inspiration Information 1', élégant appel du pied à l’oisiveté.

Articulé autour de reprises de songwriters mythiques (Neil Young, Caetano Veloso) et plus obscurs (Anna Domino, Anne Briggs), d’un édit et d’un nouveau morceau ‘Ride, Ride / Fin du travail, Vie Magique’ (amen!), l’EP a été enregistré au printemps dernier entre leur home studio londonien et celui d’Emmanuel Mario et Nina Savary dans le sud de la France, et ami.e.s de Laetitia Sadier au même titre que Marie Merlet et Matthieu Beck.
“First take = best take” (première prise = meilleure prise), tel est le leitmotiv de leurs sessions studio lors de l’enregistrement du premier volume d’Inspiration Information 1.

A l’inverse des quatre premières pistes, Transformer Man (Extended Edit), signé par Blackjoy venant conclure ‘Inspiration Information 1’, vous mettra un pied sur le dancefloor au même titre que le précédent rework d’un de leur morceau ‘ Raindrops’ par le même Blackjoy.

L'EP est disponible sur ici.

ZOOEY - Transformer Man
ZOOEY - Land Of My Dreams
ZOOEY - Ride, Ride / Fin Du Travail, Vie Magique
ZOOEY - Lua Lua Lua Lua
ZOOEY - Transformer Man (Extended Edit)
04 Jul
hip hop
Soul Beach: the soulful-jazz LP with lofi hiphop texture signed Cookin Soul. par Jerome

Cookin’ Soul is a grammy award winning DJ and producer from Spain, he's an ultra-productive beatmaker, constantly being requesting you've certainly heard the guy's qualities (without mentioned him) through his productions with rappers like Wiz Khalifa, Joey Bada$$, Nipsey Hussle and many others.

For his last release, it's on Hip Dozer Records that he made his reappearance with a 20 songs LP, chill, soulful and jazzy tied together with the compositions lofi hiphop touch of Cookin Soul.
A brand new album, with tracks like Where's My Towel , Lostyamind or Jazzwave , which will seduce you in all circumstances .
Unpretentious and unadorned, the instrumental project "Soul Beach" is to be appreciated as a refreshing cocktail.

Album available on Hip Dozer in digital, including a color vinyl pre-order.

Cookin Soul - Where's My Towel
Cookin Soul - Lostyamind
Cookin Soul - Jazzwave
11 Jun

Feel the heat.

Bruxas - Más Profundo
Ferias '77 - Relaxa (JKriv Rework)
Theo Special - Ooyahh
Frangie - Don't Text Me
Tell - Camel Ride
Maribou State - Feel Good (feat. Khruangbin) (Edit)
Otha - One Of the Girls
05 Jun

Some old groovy joints from Turkey to Jamaica !
Let's dance :)

Artwork taken from a Samiro Yunoki artpiece.