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01 Oct

Eclectic one from hip hop to balearic vibes, we don't want that summer to be over !
Photo : Cormac Pow

HNNY - Hosoi
Bakar - Hell N Back
Jonti - Zuki
Dumbo Gets Mad - Voodoo On Gold
Budgie - Touch Me 2
RAS - 4:20
Dr. Dundiff - It Don't Matter
Anchorsong - Butterflies
Ralph TV - Making Movements (Baltra Remix)
25 Sep
Saeyers - You par Baptiste

He comes from Bloomington, Indiana, is a composer and multi-instrumentalist, his name is Marshall Lewis (Marshall Lewis Baker) and operates under the name of Saeyers. It's isolated in his room in Baker that the American cooks a
Mid-Fi Pop loaded with vaporous synths and textured 60's guitars for a look that could be called Modern Yatch Rock. It is on Nice Guys Records that Saeyers signs his latest single "You", although more melancholic, this last track does not deviate from the above description.

Saeyers - You
18 Sep
Saint Dx brilliantly continues its solo journey with "Prime Of Your Life" par Baptiste

After heating up the stage for Charlotte Gainsbourg's tour this summer, Saint DX is back with a new single "Prime Of Your Life". Saint Dx is the solo project of Aurélien Hamm, former member of the group Apes & Horses. His music, like his name, smells like the synthetic Pop of the 80s and 90s. Saint'Dx' is a direct reference to the famous "Yamaha DX7" synthesizer that can be found on many of the records released at that time.

After a remarkable debut on Cracki Records with "Regrets", "Still Care" or "First Fantasy" Saint Dx continues its solo journey with "Prime Of Your Life", drawing on the best of the 80's without ever falling into the pitfalls of a cheesy Pop. On the contrary, Aurélien brings a modern and refreshing touch to it, both in the production and in the overall aesthetics of the project.

Saint Dx - Prime Of Your Life
16 Sep
American quatuor Dad Bod releases new Single at Nice Guys Rec par Baptiste

Dad Bod is the American slang for the famous belly that appears for mens in in their thirties . Dad Bod is also the name of the American quartet from Salt Lake City that we are glad to present you today. A Pop rock signature straight from the 60's, a touch of jazz, Lofi pop influences and an unfailing relaxation, that's the approach that the three brothers Marinos and Ben Ostler convey through their music.

After a first noticed Ep at the beginning of the year and an album in preparation, Dad Bod's siblings released a new single "Some Kind Of Confidence" with the pals atf Nice Guys Records.

Dad Bod - Some Kind Of Confidence
12 Sep
Blue Material unveils "Personal" a Lofi Funk new Single out on Nice Guys Records par Baptiste

Blue Material is a new project formed by Canadian singer and multi-instrumentalist Thom Gillies. The debut self-titled release is a lo-fi pop album that fuses itself through the sorrows and triumphs of a love lost in a city slowly being transformed by capitalism. The gritty and terse tracking approach was inspired heavily by overlooked, late 70’s funk tracks by artists like Universal Togetherness Band, Evan’s Pyramid and Cloud One.

“Personal” was originally slated to appear on the Blue Material album but was left off to be released as a follow up single. The track is an up-tempo funk song with an influential disco feel, almost reminiscent of early Chic or Prince demos.

Blue Material - Personal

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