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29 Jan

Zooming in today on the promising, Luca Musto a young Italian producer who is currently based in Ulm, Germany. An enthusiast of soul, jazz and blues, his electronic music/'slow-house' oozes of grooving beats and hypnotizing melodies.

"S.H.E" is a magnificent piece and seemingly never gets old; an edit which samples Al Green's "Free At Last", Luca revives the rhythm and beautifully filters its vocals. "Try Her" is equally as impeccable, here, our artist dusts off the vocals of 60's soul singer Esther Phillips (Try Me) and incorporates a massive bass against a stimulating hip-hop beat. All must haves for your playlist! As a bonus, we showcase his first original production, "Amalv" which we'll let speak for itself. You can download Amalv for free here..

After several successful edits, Luca's objective this year is to focus on releasing original productions as well as revamp his liveset. What better way to get the ball rolling than by joining us in Berlin this Friday, January 30 at Ritter Butzke, where Luca will be playing a dj set.. To be continued!

Luca Musto - Try Her
Luca Musto - S.H.E. (Edit)
Luca Musto - Amalv
28 Jan
PREMIERE: L'impératrice - Vanille Fraise (Edit)

This disastrous winter calls for a sound to lighten things up. l' Imperatrice 's latest "Vanille Fraise" is set to bring back summer's sun. The edit samples the 1979 hit single, "Spoiled by your Love" by Anita Ward , an American singer you surely know from her disco-club classic, "Ring My Bell"...

Ward's sample was revisited in the 90's- first with Ian Pooley in his 1998 release of "Disco Love" and a year later by La Clinique with their hip-hop classic, "Playa".

"The idea came to me one night when a friend mentioned the instrumentals of 'Playa'. I was set out to find that sample and bring back the feeling of summer- warmth, tranquility and tropics..."

L'Impératrice - VANILLE FRAISE (edit)
25 Jan
Delicieuse Playlist n°146

Delicieuse Playlist n°146, enjoy your weekend with some of our favorite tracks of the moment.

Gregory Porter vs Shlomi Aber_Doppel 1960 What? (Oliver Dollar Edit)
Plastikman - Expand (Tale Of Us Remix)
Oskar Offermann - The Fog Burns Off
Quentin - You Can Do It
Jesse Bru - Stink Slap
Telepopmusik - Breathe (Jules & Moss remix)
Head On Television - Organic Moonlight (Feat. Tantryss)
Florian Rietze - Dub Tool
David Hasert - Moonglade
Tonik Ensemble - Until We Meet Again (feat. Shipsi)
23 Jan
hip hop
Hubert Daviz

Today's spotlight is on beat-making maestro, Hubert Daviz. Having worked with some of the biggest hip-hop artists across the Rhine (ex. Retrogott) and two album releases in his name, Daviz has become notorious for his art of sampling. Toning down jazz samples by exuberating an atmospheric tone has become his signature sound and makes his music perfect for winter listening.

We showcase Daviz' work for Moomin's Closer label, where he was invited to produce two tracks for their third release. Like icing on top of a cake, 'Owl Patrol' finishes off the album beautifully. To savor and enjoy!

Hulk Hodn & Hubert Daviz - Trash
Hubert Daviz - Boardwalk Drive
Hubert Daviz - Owl.patrol
22 Jan

It's an honor to present our 17th release on Delicieuse Records featuring German artist Florian Rietze .

Since childhood, Florian has held a deep connection with music. Born into a family of musicians, he early on acquired a unique appreciation for everyday sounds. As admiration grew into passion, Florian pursued an education as a sound engineer, which helped lay the foundation of his aesthetic. Following years of deejaying in Potsdam, Flo teamed up with a friend in 2006 to form the duo, Microtune & Takter. Since then, he's remixed numerous productions and made his solo debut in 2013 for the Berlin label, Steyoyoke. Today, Florian is solely focused on creating original productions. A consolidation of hip-hop, funk and electronic influence, his sound isolates between deep house and dub techno. Overall, the commonality found in Flo's past and present work is his immaculately polished construction.

Florian Rietze isn't new to the DM family- back in 2012 he produced a stunning remix of "Fayen" for Hot Steppa. We're more than thrilled to welcome him back, especially with his intoxicating new EP, " Forgive Me ". Starting with the eponymous album title, our artist's feverish sentimentally gives shape to a heartfelt ambiance. Low tension vibrations and piano notes soar amongst the delicate and soulful vocals of a talented soul singer. The collaboration between both vocalist and producer is triumphant as "Forgive Me" emits an emotion unquestionably authentic.

The pace is picked up in " I Do Not Wanna Fake This ", where Flo offers up a more dancing beat while still maintaining his signature melancholic backdrop. The reincorporation of singer's mystical vocals leaves us further mesmerized.
Last but not least, we progress to a solid, head-throbbing rhythm with "DubTool", a production which embodies the genuine pulse of a Berlin nightclub.

As icing on top of the cake, the talented Italian duo, Cosmic Cowboys , and the promising Amsterdam-native, Olaf Stuut revisit "Forgive Me" to take on their own interpretations. Cosmic Cowboys offer up a smooth remix cut for the dance floor while Olaf Stuut presents a more melodramatic version by intensifying the percussion and vocals. The result is one killer release !

A special thanks again to Florian and our participating artists.. The year 2015 has officially begun!

Florian Rietze - Forgive Me
Florian Rietze - I Don't Wanna Fake This
Florian Rietze - Dub Tool
Florian Rietze - Forgive Me (Olaf Stuut Remix)
Florian Rietze - Forgive Me (Cosmic Cowboys Remix)

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