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23 Apr
Kick (ft Marcy Avenue) - Only You

Escapism today with the title « Only You » from KICK featuring Marcy Avenue and Jadey P.

Found within the musical collective, The Producers Alliance beneath New York's 'The Academy Collection, we admire their aim is to create and connect artists deriving from variating musical backgrounds.
Returning to the spotlight with our three American artists- we bask in their ability to mix such different styles and to do so with finesse and coherence. This multifaceted production is tied together by a flawless harmonization of instrumentals.

Caleb Daniel Elyalias KICKis a producer straight from Indiana whose claim to fame are his distinctive house synths and hip-hop beats in collaboration with Jadey P (an artist who keeps to a low profile on the web).

The rhythm is coated with Marcy Avenue's sun-kissed pop vocalsthe perfect accompaniment for a relaxing ride.

The sun is on its way !

KICK (ft Marcy Avenue) - Only You
21 Apr
Trashlagoon - Feel / Forget

Nothing better than Easter Monday and to top it all off we have a brand new release on the Délicieuse. We're more than proud to present the official release of Trashlagoon's first album, after tireless months of preparation.
The album is now available for digital purchase on iTunes and as a teaser we offer two tracks on Soundcloud for live streaming.. The rest of the album will be dispersed later throughout the week.
The two productions showcased today set the tone for a 'club-like' atmosphere without being confined to any sole genre. Their textured rhythms, rich with variating instrumentals, make for two extremely versatile and well-balanced productions. Heavily influenced by German nightlife and everyday French culture, with "Feel" and "Forget" we see that our duo are no strangers to trip-hop and down-beat expertise. The master technique of our duo is forefront and further cements their solid foundation of a distinctive musical identity.

Naturally talented musicians (both in piano and guitar), the duo have excluded the use of any sampling in this album's production. Everything is exclusively Trashlagoon, making it exquisitely délicieuse!

Before leaving you to listen, we want to especially wish our buddy Niklas (one half of Trashlagoon) a very Happy 21st Birthday! Congratulations on your immaculate work and we know- the best is yet to come!

Trashlagoon - Feel
Trashlagoon - Forget
20 Apr
Delicieuse Playlist n°109

A bunch of sunny poppy eggs for Easter !

Broken Bells - The High Road
Only Real - Cadillac Girl
Mansionair - Hold Me Down (feat. Revier)
Chet Faker - Talk Is Cheap
Bag Raiders - Shooting Stars
Rüfüs - Sundream (Claptone Remix)
Jungle - Busy Earnin'
Jamie xx - Sleep Sound
Kirk Spencer - In Treatment (feat Louis Scott)
18 Apr

Easy listening today with Talisco, who delivers us a mesh of electro-folk and alternative rock music. His album is beautifully coherent, meshing smooth vocals against romantically induced guitar segments. A cocktail we'd never pass up as french rock with pop is always a promising equation.. We sink into the positive atmosphere Talisco creates for us with his well thought out lyricism and heart-warming rhythms.

From more pop-like tracks (The Keys, In Love), to blues sounds with depth (Sorrow), as well as funky, vibrant gimmicks (Your Wish) and classic folk ballads (So Old)- the entire album is eclectic yet flows at ease.

Recent buzz has specifically revolved around the track, Your Wish, where renowned electronic music producers have taken on their spin. Wankelmut, being one of them, incorporates a deep-house vibe to the original version. While speeding up the pace, Wankelmut contains the guitars to an echo making for a refreshing result.

Another remix comes from newcomer, J.A.C.K who as well serves up a refreshing new take on Your Wish. Post his first place success in the remix contest for C2C, the French producer completely changed the rhythmic base and released it on ROY music (a label whose teamed up with our Bordeaux counterparts, HANGAR).

Rock on !

Talisco - Your Wish
Talisco - Your Wish (Wankelmut Remix)
Talisco - Your Wish (J.A.C.K Remix)
17 Apr

Sticking to a low profile is an understatement for artist, Jason Letkiewicz.

As his identity remains discreet on the worldwide web, our man of the hour keeps it classic as most of his releases are exclusive to vinyl.. You may have seen his name before but didn't realize as he undergoes multiple aliases such as Alan Hurst, Confused House, Malvoeaux, Rhythm Based Lovers, Sensual Beings and Steve Summers. Each of his identities hold their own personality, under 'Innergaze' for example, do we find industrial sounds combined with experimental dub, reggae and disco/house.

While exploring the many layers of our artist, we've come across some serious treasure. Calls of Love is a perfect example.

His tracks are concentrated with groove and contain a pulse that hasn't persisted since the disco decade.

With an execution, both classic and unique, Letkiewicz pays tribute to old school influence, bringing back the music of our parents. Most evident with "Weeknight Warriors" (released on the first L.I.E.S) and "Fatal Games" do we savor and dance the night away.

Let's groove!

Malvoeaux – Fatal Games
Malvoeaux - Weeknight Warriors [L.I.E.S. 001] PROMO Preview 128kbps

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