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19 Mar
Delicieuse Playlist n°287 par Mathieu
Talking Heads - This Must Be The Place
Muddy Monk - En Lea
John Maus - Hey Moon
Men I Trust - Stay True
Hector Gachan - Derby Daze
Frank Ocean - Pink Matter
Sam Evian - Carolina
17 Mar
The mysterious Bon Voyage Organisation provides an out of time 1st album. par victorien

"Jungle? Quelle Jungle" is the first album of Bon Voyage Organisation, a musical project based on several origins and horizons, led by Adrien Durand and released on Columbia the 2nd of March.

For now more than a decade and under many aliases, Adrien's project had evolved with his large inspirations and explorations. Originally called Les Aéroplanes, then Bon Voyage, it is under the name of Bon Voyage Organisation that the project grow up, based around the travel theme . The 5 previous EPs allow to Adrien to elaborate a specific musical universe with countless hints : his composition's name, voices who appeal to Air France or SNCF, and even particular sounds hidden in the songs.

"Jungle? Quelle Jungle?" " is a well-mastered and accomplished disc that mixes Pop songs such as the very groovy and heady "Si d’aventure" and "Les premiers hommes" alongside musical and geographical explorations like" Soleil Dieu" and "Grand Paris". This combination of opposed songs attests to an undeniable heterogeneity in the disc. Bon Voyage Organisation is part of the most exciting projects of 2018 . We recognize different phases in the album, each linked by interludes which allow the audience to be slowly guided during all the listening. For sure, BVO succeed in the album exercice.

Inspired by Asia and Africa "I think the new Africa is China, [...] in the end, it speaks of Africa anyway" (interview Les Inrocks ndlr), Adrien colors his music to make it timeless and borderless. Particularly with the two singers voices, Maud Nadal and Agathe Bonitzer, used as an instrument to transform the lyrics into a sound tool. The text loses its meaning in favor of almost exclusively instrumental music . Despite a French text, voices utilisation erase the origins of the group, the wording Bon Voyage Organisation makes sense now. Concerning the global instrumentals, it is operated by the 4 other members of the group who compose a rich music, taking source in Asian and African sounds and as well in the black music, between Jazz, Funk, Afro-beat or Disco influences.

"Jungle? Quelle Jungle?" is a deep record, with different level of appreciations. The album concept is painstakingly made, crafted like the old times, which is less common today.

Bon Voyage Organisation - Le Grand Pari
Bon Voyage Organisation - Les Premiers Hommes
Bon Voyage Organisation - Si d'Aventure
Bon Voyage Organisation - Soleil Dieu
12 Mar
Delicieuse Playlist n°286 par Gautier

Artwork : Shomei Tomatsu & Ken Domon

El Michel's Affair - C.R.E.A.M.
Tom Misch - It Runs Through Me (feat. De La Soul)
NATTY 理 WYLAH - Knowadimean
Cosmo's Midnight - Get To Know (feat. Winston Surfshirt)
maoen - low fidelity
Darius Ft. Wayne Snow - Lost In The Moment
Amadou & Mariam - Filaou Bessame (Cerrone Remix)
Planty Herbs - Back Into The Night
08 Mar
'Pourquoi pas' a Pop ballad signed by Miel de Montagne par victorien

Miel de Montagne , this is the artist name chosen by Milan Tell to satisfy his impulses of Pop.

We released his first single 'Pourquoi Pas' with the friends of Pain Surprises. A track and a musical adventure that you can not miss.

Miel de Montagne, the second alias of Milan after Tell for his House side, operates a very nice breakthrough in the Pop sphere shifted but still groovy . Playing with words, expressing so much with so little, is the strength of this colorful project.

A piece and style that divides between those who do not grasp the passion and those who identify with this skier, visibly uncomfortable. A deliberately retro Pop sound on the borders of kitsch in tune with a depth of the libertarian and undress claims of Miel de Montagne. No more, no less, this is the winning combo of our new darling.

Miel de Montagne - Pourquoi Pas
07 Mar
Phoenix publie ses démos en catimini sous le pseudo 'Banque de France' par David Robin

Depuis le 16 janvier dernier, Phoenix publie en loucedé et à intervalle régulier les démos de son dernier album sur les principales plateformes de streaming.

Le quatuor originaire de Versailles, rebaptisé à l'occasion Banque de France , a mis en ligne une septième compilation intitulé Ti Amo Diaries G qui laisse à penser que les nombreuses démos constituent au fil des sorties un documentaire audio retraçant la genèse du sixième album studio du groupe à l'image du documentaire Phoenix : From A Mess To The Masses diffusé en 2010 par Arte revenant sur la création de l'album Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix .

La semaine dernière, Phoenix reprenait sur les ondes de la station de radio australienne Triple J le titre phare No Woman du groupe de Chicago Whitney .