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18 Jul
Floating Points goes back to his electronics roots with a new EP par Paul

Touchy producer, diggin' enthusiast and A-class DJ, Sam Shepherd just drop a 2 titles EP on Ninja Tunes. After the release of his praised soul-infused Late Night Tales compilation, it's like meeting a friend without having seen him since a long time, here Floating Points is back messing around with his synths and taking the guts out of it. Understand minimalism, basslines and straightforward rhythms for your pleasure. The man says it himself, he managed to reconnect with its early influences and the way he created his first records, meaning spending some time alone in the studio surrounded with machines.

TIP : listening to "Coorabell" kinda like finding 50 dollars in a festival, it's a night changer !

Floating Points - LesAlpx
Floating Points - Coorabell
17 Jul
Shane Tyler - The Clouds Cleared The Way par Mathieu
Shane Tyler - The Clouds Cleared The Way
Shane Tyler - Lemurian Promenade
10 Jul
David Bowie's studio relics resurface with a new album "The Mercury Demos" par Baptiste

After "Spying Through a Keyhole", bringing Bowie's relics studio just before his rise back to life,
(including the first demo of "Space Oddity"), Parlophone Records is back with "The Mercury Demos". Recorded in the spring of 1969 during studio sessions with his friend John Hutchinson, we find the future classics "Space Oddity", "Janine" or "Life Is A Circus" without artifices revealing the raw emotion of each song.

David Bowie (Feat John Hutchinson) - Space Oddity (Mercury Demo)
David Bowie (Feat John Hutchinson) - Ching-a-Ling (Mercury Demo)
David Bowie (Feat John Hutchinson) - Lover To The Dawn (Mercury Demo)
David Bowie (Feat John Hutchinson) - Love Song (Mercury Demo)
David Bowie (Feat John Hutchinson) - When I'm Five (Mercury Demo)
28 Jun
hip hop
Kalaido - Motorbikes in Sapa par Gautier

Inspiré par ses pérégrinations asiatiques, le producteur Kalaido, originaire d'Oregon nous livre un beat inspiré des sonorités locales, pour un rendu léché tout en douceur. De quoi nous laisser supporter la chaleur torride de cet été qu'on a tant attendu.
On savoure.

Kalaido - Motorbikes In Sapa
20 Jun
Young Turkish prodigy Aleksandir release a new EP on his own label par Baptiste

Young Turkish producer Alex Lawrence aka Aleksandir was undoubtedly one of the House revelations of 2018.
He had swept the House game with the release last May of a 12" of 3 tracks and two remixes "Yamaha" appeared on Tessellate. It was the eponymous track of the EP "Yamaha" that simply exploded with more than 3M plays on Youtube. The recipe for this unexpected success is a modern, progressive, harmonious House, with warm synthesizers and impeccable rhythmics.

Despite his young age, Alex decided to create his own label Artesian Sounds in 2017, with a first release of the English Harrison BDP . Aleksandir is finally back in 2019, on his label, with ARS003 a new 4-track EP that confirms the young Turk's first burst of brilliance.

Aleksandir - Hard To Explain
Aleksandir - Hear me Through
Aleksandir - Gaseous Love
Aleksandir - Trying Your Luck

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