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17 Apr

Sticking to a low profile is an understatement for artist, Jason Letkiewicz.

As his identity remains discreet on the worldwide web, our man of the hour keeps it classic as most of his releases are exclusive to vinyl.. You may have seen his name before but didn't realize as he undergoes multiple aliases such as Alan Hurst, Confused House, Malvoeaux, Rhythm Based Lovers, Sensual Beings and Steve Summers. Each of his identities hold their own personality, under 'Innergaze' for example, do we find industrial sounds combined with experimental dub, reggae and disco/house.

While exploring the many layers of our artist, we've come across some serious treasure. Calls of Love is a perfect example.

His tracks are concentrated with groove and contain a pulse that hasn't persisted since the disco decade.

With an execution, both classic and unique, Letkiewicz pays tribute to old school influence, bringing back the music of our parents. Most evident with "Weeknight Warriors" (released on the first L.I.E.S) and "Fatal Games" do we savor and dance the night away.

Let's groove!

Malvoeaux – Fatal Games
Malvoeaux - Weeknight Warriors [L.I.E.S. 001] PROMO Preview 128kbps
13 Apr

Positive deep vibes for the 108th.
Have a nice sunday !

La Fleur - Kattflickan (Jesper Ryom Remix)
Iorie - Golden Spree
Jonsson & Alter - Brevet Hem (Radio version)
Ada - Happy Birthday
Luvless - Be Mine
Kim Brown - I Am Batman (Preview)
Stanley Schmidt - Snõi
Makam - Images
11 Apr
Trashlagoon - Sunbug [Album Preview]

Prepare yourself as Trashlagoon has just released the first title of their upcoming album "Blue Lagoon". The digital release is set for April 21st but if you sit tight a little longer, you'll be able to purchase a limited edition vinyl version May 5th on the soon-to-be Délicieuse e-shop !

" Sunbug " opens yet another gateway into the world of this miraculous duo. Since diving in past September with their single "Struggle", we admire our artists ability to create a coherent and solid sound identity. Our eclectic duo flawlessly execute both German and English influences to create a most mesmerizing sound. Best specified as deep pop meets tech-house- we're mouthwatering over these beats.

You can preorder the album on iTunes

To be revisited April 21st !

Trashlagoon - Sunbug
10 Apr
N'to - Petite

What better way to start off the evening then with an exclusive ?
With great pleasure, we present to you the latest from Marseille's N'to . The producer is back and more determined than ever.. With a spanking new label, Hungry Music , founded alongside Worakls, N'to is destined to reach newfound levels this year.

Tonight's showcase is « Petite » his third release and although it is scheduled for official release next Monday, we've got the goods! « Petite » holds a powerful, beautifully executed rhythm as techno plunges into a world of technicolor, emitting a vibrancy unique to its own.

The second title of the EP, « Ayahuasca » is in reference to the Amazonian psychedelic brew of drugs otherwise known as "yagé", and will indeed accompany your travels ...
Loosen up as we welcome in spring and enjoy!

N'to - Petite
07 Apr
Kornél Kovàcs - Szikra

Kornél Kovács , one of the 3 founders from Swedish-based label Studio Barnhus, just released an EP that is sure to heavy hit.
« Szikra » the title of his latest work, reconfirms the immaculate dynamic of the label's trio, which includes Petter Nordkwist and Axel Boman !
(We take a moment to back track to the label's winter success, Axel Boman's « Hello ».)
Returning to Kovács' release, do we find the label's solid sound identity; vibrant, eccentric house executed with aesthetic.
We savor his super-smooth synths which undercoat percussive lo-fi beats.
The so-called Bónusz Beat is actually a self-remixed track of an artist who sacrificed his voice (from the delicious extract of " Mazal Tov " ) in favor of a softer instrumental background.
Our Swedes continue to impress ...

Kornél Kovàcs - Szikra
Kornél Kovács - Szikra (Bónusz Beat)

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