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23 Nov
Delicieuse Playlist n°138
Llorca - The End
Originais Do Samba - Falador Passa Mal (Bosq Rework)
Nachtbraker - Alright
Homework - Time & Time
A1 - 10PM
Dürerstuben - Haeckls Kosmos
Knight One - Shimmer
Parkay Quarts - Uncast Shadow Of A Southern Myth
21 Nov

Spotlight today is on the Parisian artist, Fulbert . A multitasking talent who juggles between being a DJ, Producer, label owner, and crate-digger. His rounded profile and discography gives hope to the sustenance of French House music.

Fulbert entered onto the scene in 2011 with his EP "Garden State '92" released on the Swedish label, Local Talk. Garage house meets 90's synths and haunting vocals. Composed of two delicious productions, a beautiful rhythmic pulse lingers... A treasure for club goers.

Since then, Fulbert has spread like wildfire- taking part in multiple collaborations and remixes which have helped him to develop an impeccably polished individual style.

One of his greatest strengths is having worked with a multitude of artists. We look at the many collaborations he's done for labels such as Foul & Sunk, Remote, Faces and Sould notes. In the spring of 2013 he launched a personal project, Rawthenticity, where he called upon Japanese artists such as Miruga or Toni Be; two producers who share his sense of aesthetic and technicality. We admire his ability to successfully collaborate while still maintaining the values of his identity. One of which refines the vision of house music, influenced by 90's disco and crate-digging treasures met with the relevancy of today.

For the impatient, Fulbert recently announced his upcoming EP at Mile High Records this fall, "] 6000 Miles Away [/url]". For now you can listen to excerpts here.

Fulbert - First Time House
Fulbert - The Invitation
Fulbert -Night Ride
19 Nov
Jesper Ryom - Aviator EP

Here comes a digital release that we've been anticipating for some time now !

Our beloved Danish artist is at it again, following a beautiful discography including 'Natural Boy EP' (Power Plant Records) released May 2011 and 'Syvsover EP' (Freude Am Tanzen) released May 2013, we meet Jesper Ryom 's third release ' Aviator EP '.

Returning to his roots, Jesper unveils his latest on Power Plant Records, the label of the wonderfully talented La Fleur. An atmospheric EP with reflective house chords and delicately drawn dub beats, Ryom's trademark sounds make for an approachable ambiance.

We begin our journey with "Aviator" and similar to a rocket launch, we're speedily immersed into a magnificent world full of shimmering synthesizers, overwhelming basslines and guitar riffs calculated by the millimeter. Next we make our way towards a lunar orbit with "Apolune" where glimmering saxo samples and a hypnotic bassline lift as magical piano keys help you catch ground. Feel-good music to say the least, the addition of female vocal samples are ever so enchanting and never leave your head.

It isn't over just yet.. the label's founder takes on her own version of "Aviator" and her remix is not one to be tested. A bomb made for the dance-floor, a simple yet efficient bassline will have your feet moving in no time. Those looking for relaxation, the German duo, Taron-Tekka take on a more aerial and refined remix of "Apolune". An EP to overindulge.. it's time for take off !

You can still order your vinyl on Juno or Deejay, with its intricately designed sleeve made by artist, Dan Hillier.

Jesper Ryom - Aviator (Snippet)
Jesper Ryom - Apolune (Snippet)
Jesper Ryom - Aviator (La Fleur Remix)
17 Nov
WEVAL - Gimme Some

Prepare yourself for one cosmic trip with Weval . Since 2010 the Dutch duo, consisting of Harm Coolen and Merijn Scholte, have been delivering rousing beats of foggy electro and flying synths. The two young producers were originally filmmakers in training- having produced some short films and music videos. While making movies has always been a passion, they fell slave to the tedious production process. To catch some air, the two began to meet up in a makeshift studio, playing with synths and testing out new instrumentals which resulted in atmospheric electronic music. It wasn't until long that their music caught the attention of German label, Atomnation.

Their debut EP "Half Age" released last year, hit hard and even gained the attention of Schweppes who chose to use their title "Detian" in one of their promo videos. The deal widened their demographic and gave the duo a reputation amongst the German electronic scene. With a new EP set for release November 21 on the legendary label, Kompakt, we don't doubt anything less than a bright future for these two.

A sneak peek into the album we listen in on "Gimme Some". A tantalizing rhythm where deep vocals beautifully synchronize. Masters of technician, the track gently progresses as radiant techno melodies and mind-blowing synths intertwine.

Enjoy !

WEVAL - Gimme Some
Gui Boratto - Take Control (Weval Remix)
Weval - Detian
16 Nov
Delicieuse Playlist n°137

100% House Sunday Playlist !

Cuthead - All night long
Marvin Horsch - Yeah Yeah
Daniel Grau - Tren Del Espacio (Labuzinski & Graef Remix)
Paso - I Never (Petr Serkin remix)
Cleveland - Pandora
Luvless - Balance on a Beam (Low bitrate snip)
Move D - Jus House

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