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28 Oct
Tame Impala unveils the cover, date and a new single of the long-awaited new album par Baptiste

Tame Impala's new studio album "Slow Rush" is therefore expected on February 14, 2020 on the Interscope label. 4 long years have already passed since "Currents", the last album of the Australians carried by a Kevin Parker then at the top of his art. 2 excellent singles "Patience" and "Borderline" have already been released in 2019. Last week Kevin Parker quietly broke the internet by tying the artwork, name and release date of "Slow Rush"

Recorded between Los Angeles and Fremantle, his Australian hometown, the album will consist of 12 tracks including "Borderline" and "It Might Be Time", the new single unveiled today by Kevin Parker. However, "Patience", the single that marked Tame Impala's great comeback, will not appear on the album.

For more information on the title, discover Kevin Parker's interview with Zane low for Apple Music:

Tame Impala - It Might Be Time
23 Oct
"Pleasure Centre" the must-see album of the moment by Kraak & Smaak par Baptiste

They are one of the leading figure of the Dutch electronic scene, as talented as respected for their edits and productions, Kraak&Smaak have once again confirmed their status with a very pleasing 6th studio album.

Pleasure Centre' is a cordial invitation to the trio living room where the decoration is neat, the cocktail tasty and the welcome impeccable.Two years of hard work giving birth to 15 songs brilliantly oscillating between Disco/Funk Jams and some more Pop oriented Dowtempo ballads . A red line, the warm signature and the undeniable groove of the trio who knew how to surround themselves well for the occasion with a good number of feats with little onions.

01 Oct

Eclectic one from hip hop to balearic vibes, we don't want that summer to be over !
Photo : Cormac Pow

HNNY - Hosoi
Bakar - Hell N Back
Jonti - Zuki
Dumbo Gets Mad - Voodoo On Gold
Budgie - Touch Me 2
RAS - 4:20
Dr. Dundiff - It Don't Matter
Anchorsong - Butterflies
Ralph TV - Making Movements (Baltra Remix)
25 Sep
Saeyers - You par Baptiste

He comes from Bloomington, Indiana, is a composer and multi-instrumentalist, his name is Marshall Lewis (Marshall Lewis Baker) and operates under the name of Saeyers. It's isolated in his room in Baker that the American cooks a
Mid-Fi Pop loaded with vaporous synths and textured 60's guitars for a look that could be called Modern Yatch Rock. It is on Nice Guys Records that Saeyers signs his latest single "You", although more melancholic, this last track does not deviate from the above description.

Saeyers - You
18 Sep
Saint Dx brilliantly continues its solo journey with "Prime Of Your Life" par Baptiste

After heating up the stage for Charlotte Gainsbourg's tour this summer, Saint DX is back with a new single "Prime Of Your Life". Saint Dx is the solo project of Aurélien Hamm, former member of the group Apes & Horses. His music, like his name, smells like the synthetic Pop of the 80s and 90s. Saint'Dx' is a direct reference to the famous "Yamaha DX7" synthesizer that can be found on many of the records released at that time.

After a remarkable debut on Cracki Records with "Regrets", "Still Care" or "First Fantasy" Saint Dx continues its solo journey with "Prime Of Your Life", drawing on the best of the 80's without ever falling into the pitfalls of a cheesy Pop. On the contrary, Aurélien brings a modern and refreshing touch to it, both in the production and in the overall aesthetics of the project.

Saint Dx - Prime Of Your Life

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