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26 Nov
hip hop
Kista & Glad2Mecha

Back to basics with hip-hop relaxation influenced by the golden age.
Fans of old-school beats and catchy rhythms, let " Nouns and Verbs " accompany you.

The collaboration between British producer Kista and Arizona-based emcee Glad2Mecha results in a beautifully organic flow. Released in July on the label " Dusty Platter " this groove is fit for any playlist. A must-have for your next chill session.

Kista & Glad2Mecha - Nouns & Verbs
25 Nov
Saint Germain - Boulevard

Ludovic Navarre is a national celebrity in France, a pioneer and a seasoned pro to the international scene. In September 1995 under the alias St Germain, came his debut album 'Boulevard' released on the label F Communications (lead by Eric Morand and Laurent Garnier).
Where jazz and soul flirt with the rhythms of deep-house, the album encompasses a sense of warmth unlike anything heard during its time. Selling 200,000 copies globally, Navarre gained immediate iconic stature. Reaching both commercial and critical success, St Germain created a new generation of listeners while stealing the hearts of producers. The album was nominated for the UK Dance Music Awards (alongside Michael Jackson) and is said to be responsible for putting Paris on the map aside Chicago, Detroit and NY.
Following his triumph, St Germain remixed for a multitude of artists from Bjorkto French composer, Pierre Henry. In 2001 he released 'The Tourist' on Blue Note which went on to be another megahit- selling 600,000 copies in France alone and 2 million worldwide. His most recent work has been a remix of Gregory Porterreleased in 2014 but otherwise we wait for his next shortcoming.
As nostalgia floats through every key note, we regret the low activity of the artist today. In glorification of the past, we reminisce with the great St Germain and his impact on the music industry.

St. Germain - What's New
Pierre Henry & Michel Colombier - Jericho Jerk (St. Germain Remix)
St germain - Thank U Mum (4 Everything You Did)
St Germain - Deep In It
24 Nov
PREMIERE: Mooon - Neptune

MOOON, they do come from the moon. From its dark side, or perhaps elsewhereor at least from somewhere near the sun. An exciting and mysterious duo, we do not know much more about them, beside that they stand up for a particular vision of ​​French Touch, between Air’s ‘Moon Safari’ and Méliès’ ‘A Trip to the Moon‘. A little pop a little baroque, a music made ​​of twinkling bass lines and analog milky ways.

Jean-Daniel Beauvallet, music editor at french reference magazine ‘Les Inrockuptibles’, once said about Neptune, MOOON’s first comet-hit : “This song and its vintage synths and immoderate drum gives you a desire to join Florent Marchet and his Raelians party-animals to a feverish dance around a wildfire." Bear in mind that this is only the starting point for a cosmic trip not to be limited to our galaxy.

23 Nov
Delicieuse Playlist n°138
Llorca - The End
Originais Do Samba - Falador Passa Mal (Bosq Rework)
Nachtbraker - Alright
Homework - Time & Time
A1 - 10PM
Dürerstuben - Haeckls Kosmos
Knight One - Shimmer
Parkay Quarts - Uncast Shadow Of A Southern Myth
21 Nov

Spotlight today is on the Parisian artist, Fulbert . A multitasking talent who juggles between being a DJ, Producer, label owner, and crate-digger. His rounded profile and discography gives hope to the sustenance of French House music.

Fulbert entered onto the scene in 2011 with his EP "Garden State '92" released on the Swedish label, Local Talk. Garage house meets 90's synths and haunting vocals. Composed of two delicious productions, a beautiful rhythmic pulse lingers... A treasure for club goers.

Since then, Fulbert has spread like wildfire- taking part in multiple collaborations and remixes which have helped him to develop an impeccably polished individual style.

One of his greatest strengths is having worked with a multitude of artists. We look at the many collaborations he's done for labels such as Foul & Sunk, Remote, Faces and Sould notes. In the spring of 2013 he launched a personal project, Rawthenticity, where he called upon Japanese artists such as Miruga or Toni Be; two producers who share his sense of aesthetic and technicality. We admire his ability to successfully collaborate while still maintaining the values of his identity. One of which refines the vision of house music, influenced by 90's disco and crate-digging treasures met with the relevancy of today.

For the impatient, Fulbert recently announced his upcoming EP at Mile High Records this fall, "] 6000 Miles Away [/url]". For now you can listen to excerpts here.

Fulbert - First Time House
Fulbert - The Invitation
Fulbert -Night Ride

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