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27 Apr
Kirk Francis - Ophelia par Victoire

Kirk Francis comprises Jack O’Hea and Josh Best-Shaw. Having first met at Falmouth University in 2017, the pair struck up an instant rapport that would result in many a late-night session, often involving green tea and delay pedals.

The pair combine elements from their individual musical backgrounds of dream-pop, psychedelic pop and shoegaze, whilst drawing on influences such as MGMT, Tame Impala, Tears for Fears and My Bloody Valentine. Their lyrical content peruses themes of self-reflection, nostalgia and stoicism in a changing world, whilst the pairing of airy guitar melodies with warm 80s synth lines is fundamental to the sound of Kirk Francis.

'Ophelia' is a melancholic and intimate song, full of delicious details and harmonies, that is both delicate and seductive. Please press play.

Kirk Francis - Ophelia
31 Mar
Vern matz - Funny Water par Victoire

Michael Lituchy and Korean American artist Daniel Belgrad of Vern Matz wrote 'Funny Water' , a track driven by different layers of acoustic guitars, gently fuzzed-out, and driving drums that provide fresh energy to the whole.

The track is the second single after 'Fish Tank' , leading up to the full-length release 'Another Land' set for a release in April through Nice Guys Records .

Odd tasting water and jangly acoustic guitars set the stage for 'Funny Water ', a song that moves in slow motion but rushes by. As if looking back on life through a kaleidoscope, Vern's world is slanted and enchanted: a modern love note to 90s slacker jams and lost loves.

Vern Matz - Funny Water
02 Mar
Butter Bath - Spectator EP par Victoire

Based on the smooth tone that practically radiates from his tracks, Toby Anagnostisthe Sydney-based artist who makes music as Butter Bath - seems to have picked the right name for his project.

Butter Bath’s EP, Spectator, is an annotation of the past 18 months of Toby’s life as the intricacies of adolescence becomes peripheral and the full-bodied form of adulthood starts to take shape.
The 6 tracks EP is characterised by lyrical irony, hazy guitars over soul-infused rhythm sections. It emphasises the notion of being content with not understanding in the wake of life’s complexities.

With this first EP, Butter Bath may see himself as a spectator at heart, but he also has his place in the spotlight.

Butter Bath - Stray Cats
Butter Bath - Devil Fangs
Butter Bath - You And Me
Butter Bath - Beds With Springs
Butter Bath - Detox
Butter Bath - Back Home Old Buddy
22 Feb
Nature TV - Hey Man par

Brighton dream-pop specialists Nature TV share their new single “Hey Man” with Nice Guys.
Straddling a line between the hazy suburbia of Real Estate and the waterside stillness of Nick Drake, the band’s latest offering sees them hone in on their ‘indie-pop’ sound, masterfully crafting a crescendo of effortlessly silky guitars and tender, dreamy vocals to perfection.
With contemplative nostalgia and an emotive soundtrack of faded relationships, uncertainty and heartbreak taking centre stage throughout their music, the rising quartet is well-placed to capitalise on last year’s acclaimed ‘Lady Luck’ EP.
Discussing the group’s upcoming single, frontman Guy Bangham stated: “ Hey Man is a song about wanting to know that the direction you’re going in life is the right one for you. Sometimes it feels like there are many things and many people in life who could lead you astray or tell you that you shouldn’t be following your passion. So this track is basically me trying to shut out all the noises and negative leeches out of my life and just keep on keeping on, even when it can be hard.”

Nature TV - Hey Man
14 Dec
Blue Material - Statue In The Dark par Youssef

Thom Gillies, aka Blue Material (former member of TOPS and co-founder of Vesuvio Solo), returns with a brand new groove for the ages, 'Statue in the Dark'. True to its influences and style, he delivers yet another groovy romantic song.
Soft funky surges and disco whispers, Blue Material distils a swing that subtly electrifies the body. This synthetic peregrination haunted by a warm and sensual voice is bitten with emotion. With this pop with funk and disco bursts, this talented artist weaves an irresistible dancing canvas.

Blue Material - Statue In The Dark

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