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12 Sep
Blue Material unveils "Personal" a Lofi Funk new Single out on Nice Guys Records par Baptiste

Blue Material is a new project formed by Canadian singer and multi-instrumentalist Thom Gillies. The debut self-titled release is a lo-fi pop album that fuses itself through the sorrows and triumphs of a love lost in a city slowly being transformed by capitalism. The gritty and terse tracking approach was inspired heavily by overlooked, late 70’s funk tracks by artists like Universal Togetherness Band, Evan’s Pyramid and Cloud One.

“Personal” was originally slated to appear on the Blue Material album but was left off to be released as a follow up single. The track is an up-tempo funk song with an influential disco feel, almost reminiscent of early Chic or Prince demos.

Blue Material - Personal
04 Sep
Paper Recordings celebrates its 25th anniversary with a compilation of the very best par Baptiste

This year Paper Recordings , at the heart of the rave since 1994, celebrates its 25th anniversary. It is one of the most respected independent label on the scene with more than 2000 releases to date, ranging from the Deep House to the Disco , including the Balearic and the Pop with more than 600 artists, producers and remixers from all over the world.

Paper celebrates this anniversary with a compilation 'Best of' , prepared by two of their most influential artists: Crazy P and Flash Atkins .

Crazy P delivers a personal vision of the catalogue, giving a brilliant representation of the rich history of Paper Recordings '. Ancient pieces from the great House era and some recent pieces slip into this compilation with Ny*ak and Rave-enka .

Flash Atkins is the irreverent alter-ego of the label's boss Ben Davis . He has been in charge of the labels' A & Rs since 2008 and produces some of their most beautiful musical moments.
His selection ranges from the favourites of the label Daco , Richard Seaborne & Leon Sweet to the forgotten gems of Mr Tea and Space Coast .

These two selections show that Paper Recordings' quality control has not weakened for 25 years and there is no reason to stop for the next 25.

Hit the above link to listen the full two part compilation.

PREMIERE: Dirty Jesus - Don't Fuck With My Shit (Da Floor Mix)[Paper Recordings]
Richard Seaborne - The Reasons Why (Original Mix)
Crazy Penis - Get It On (Original Mix)
Diskobeistet - Birkelunden (Original Mix)
03 Sep
Interview with Cvd & Mido [MENACE Records] par Paul

A few weeks ago we discovered Cvd's new single "Mr Fuego". The Parisian offered us a non-stop flight alongside his double Jet Setter and a few rhythm boxes calibrated for the occasion. You have to take this track as a good omen since it is the precursor of a series of singles to appear on MENACE.

How did this Cvd / MENACE connection occured ? Did you know each other ?

M : Yeah, it must be since 5 or 6 years. Charles comes from Toulouse and I think we met via Early Holography who also originates from Toulouse, he crafted the artwork as well as the video of Jeremy Talon's ‘Outs’,the first relase of the label.
I instantly got hooked by Charles' sound, at this time we threw several MENACE parties and he took care of the opening at those occasions (Ras G at Badaboum (RIP), Daisuke Tanabe, Shobaleader One, Squarepusher's side project at the New Morning...)
Charles also mixed and arranged a few tracks on my last EP “Kumo”.

C : You were pretty well established in Paris and above all, the very few to represent the "beat" scene. It was Soundcloud's golden age and back then we were somehow amazed by the quality of the tracks and the number displayed on the listening count. There were Khryo , Adjaman , SNKA , Babel Métis , you Mido , all this dudes we considered as the French ambassadors of the beat scene. Speaking of which, I think I never told you Mido but at first I was a bit scared to approach you for a chat, you all seemed unattainable [laughs]. But soon after, we got closer.

So, you're in Paris since 5-6 years ?

Exactly, I was in Toulouse and I left for Paris because I wanted to make music, I couldn't stay, there was nothing for me in Toulouse. I studied sound engineering at GRM (musical researches group) where I realised that the best way not to make music only for myself was to make music for others as an engineer. Then I decided to knock on record companies' doors and I got hired at Tricatel .

What about you Mido ? Were you in Paris since forever ?

M: I'm from the Parisian region near Enghien-les-Bains but I also lived in Japan, I still go frequently.

Yeah, I was about to ask because there a strong connection with Japan considering MENACE releases and collaborations.

My first trip was in 2012 with my girlfriend at this time, we spent a year there and since then I spend several month more each years and I try to go as often as possible !
Japan was very important for me and the label, for numerous reasons : the label got more professional there, it's in Japan we got our first distributions ( Jazzy Sport ), our first parties as well, Toky00 , Adjaman and SNKA came to play in 2013, it really reinforced our friendship.
Label's “launch party” took place in Tokyo.
Lot of Japanese artists got signed or gravitate around the label, lot of them came to play in Paris for example Daisuke Tanabe , Keita Sano , Ill Sugi , Bugseed , Toshio Matsuura ...

Were there some kind of evolutions since you started MENACE ?

M : Of course, there is a natural evolution for all labels.
I always thought about releasing all genres of music, from beats to eletronica including jazz, indie... I'm really glad of the release of Toshio Matsuura's jazz record : Toshio Matsuura (Presents HEX), it was recoreded and released on CD by Blue Note Japan in 2014, it's a record which is really pertinent in today's scene.
It was the perfect project to open MENACE to new musical horizons, even if it is always more simple after a jazz album [laughs].
We'll continue releasing hip hop and beats but we're currently working on a neo-jazz project and more are to come in electronic, club, ambient, cinematic genre.

What about you Charles ? Were there some steps in you musical project ?

C : At the beginning I played guitar and sang in a band very influenced by Radiohead. We tried to take an electronic turn together but it didn't work, the "computer music" pushed each member to do it on their own. So I had a consequent period making electronic music. But today I come back to something more direct, I try to avoid intricated arrangements... even if I would still have that geek side at the end.

You sing, you play guitar, do you record everything or do you use alternate techniques ?

C: That's right, I record everthing, I can't work with sample, I have the impression of being prisoner from the sample afterward, however I do use lot of field recording for which I use a zoom.

What's next for you Mido ?

M : What's next... a live, ideally a trio with me at the machines, a drummer and someone who would go back an forth between bass, guitar and keyboard...
I recorded several musicians on my new songs, including some musicians from the Orchestre Orage with whom I played a concert last year and also Necky and Jo, the musicians from Underground Canopy, the "neo-jazz" project to come on MENACE in early 2020.
Otherwise I feel good with the music I'm doing now, a melancholic sound, downtempo, between hip hop and electronics, that should remain.

Finally, tell us a little bit about the US, you were there together this year, weren't you ? Mido, do you go there on a frequent basis ?

M : Indeed, I go once or twice a year, I have a few good friends there and MENACE is well distributed. Charles came with me this winter to meet Alpha Pup (Daddy Kev's label, creator of Low End Theory's nights), we work with him now and Charles played at the Ace Hotel of Los Angeles, that was cool !

C : That was awesome to meet there, like a kind of teenager dream which came true.

Cvd - Mr Fuego
27 Aug
COMA resurfaces with 2 singles announcing the color of their third album par Baptiste

A destroyer of the German scene since 2007, the duo COMA had been making noise since 2008 with a first eponymous EP released by Firm and then a second "Crystal" the following year signed with Kompakt Records , the leading figure on the German electronic scene.

It is in 2013 that Georg Conrad & Marius Bubat release "In Technicolor" their first album still on Kompakt & concretize their status of revelation of the German Electronica scene with some bombs like "Missing Pieces" , "Les Dilletantes" or "Hooooray" which did not take a ride in 2019.

Two personalities with egos at the height of their talent in the service of an Electronica sound impregnated with Pop and tinged with German House & Techno influences halfway between WEVAL & Kalabrese .

Since "In Technicolor" COMA has been able to talk about themselves again with "Atlantis" in 2014 & "The Side Of Paradise" in 2016 and is back more grandiose than ever with a new album "Voyage Voyage" scheduled for November 22.

2 singles and a clip have already been released to announce the color of the album, "Snurrebassen" an electronic journey with a devastating bass in the line of "My Orbit" and "A Train" , a magnificent Pop Electronica ballad that allows the Colognese duo to glimpse a new horizon that seems to mark a memorable return.

COMA will be back on stage in the fall with a European tour that will logically start in Berlin on November 28th. Having seen the duo live in Bordeaux 5 years ago, we guarantee you an experience as impressive as ours.

The upcoming album 'Voyage Voyage' is available for pre order right here →

COMA - A Train
COMA - Snurrebassen
COMA - Missing Piece
Coma - Atlantis
Coma - Les Dilettantes
31 Jul
Hector Gachan pays tribute to the Bosniac legend Dino Merlin par Baptiste

Hector Gachan pays tribute to the Bosnian legend Dino Merlin (real name Edin Dervišhalidović) with this magnificent cover of one his hits "E, otkad mi se nisi javila".

Hector Gachan - E, otkad mi se nisi javila (Cover)

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