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25 Nov
Parra For Cuva - Luhya EP
Parra for Cuva - The Fifth Hand (Original Mix)
Parra For Cuva - Luhya (Original Mix)
Parra for Cuva & Anna Naklab - True Thoughts (Original Mix)

-Parra for Cuvareturns back on the Délicieuse, and with a sound far surpassing our expectations. Just in time to put winters encroach on the back burner, comes our label’s twelfth release.

To supply you with some warmth for these upcoming months, we deliver you an EP which radiates a surreal and melancholic ambiance. We’re first met with « Lhuya » the very title of this EP, as well as the piece which opens the door into Nicolas’ world of « down-tempo ». These solemn rhythmic beats have had a profound influence on the artist ever since his debut (take for an example, Bonobo). Paying attention to detail, can we hear a cohesion of ethnic and tribal sounds, adding a subtle refinement to the production. A true cream of the crop, this track blurs the boundaries of genre specifications, showcasing both the talent and many inspirations of our Berlin friend.Following comes « [b]

The Fifth Hand[/b] » which combines classical sounds (piano, clarinet) with Parra’s sensual vocals; resulting in pure indulgence. Once again, we’re met with consistency. Regardless of the artist’s usage of variating sounds, he manages to maintain a solid sound identity. His conglomeration of influences have created in their own way, an overpowering sense of individuality. This EP dives into the depths of an eclectic universe, beautifully composed, and with rhythms that flow flawlessly. 

At last, we’re left enraptured by the voice of Anna Naklab in « True Thoughts ». Our two friends meet again after collaborating on the Fading Nights EP, as well as the classic « Wicked Games » released on Spinnin Records. As always, sublime.


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