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09 May
Parra for Cuva - Fading Nights EP
Parra for Cuva - Fading Nights (feat. Anna Naklab)
Parra For Cuva - Small Flowerd (feat. Anna Naklab)
Parra for Cuva - Swept away (feat. Anna Naklab)

As summer season has begun to loom early this May, it’s with great pleasure that we accompany your sunny days to come with our sixth release on Délicieuse Records, marking the start of our newest collaboration with Colognian :Parra for Cuva.Today’s headliner was quick to steal our hearts, as we fell hard four months ago for his title « Swept Away » made in collaboration with his friendMr. Gramo.The two buddies were once students at the Hochschule der populären Künste (University of Fine Arts) in central Berlin where they studied sound design amongst many Berlin newcomers of the current scene such as Egokind, Marlon Hoffstadt, and 4nton.This EP is to be fully savoured in 3 parts …We first soothe our way into the delicious world of Parra for Cuva with their piece « Fading Nights » seducing you with a hypnotizing beat, making way into a magical moment between Nicolas andAnna Naklab, as his faithful sidekick’s vocals exuberate powerful emotion, yet still maintaining a lightness. Let your mind adrift as a thrilling sensation takes over…

Enter a state of release as the EP adjoins under the title « Small Flowerd », a track which oozes of mind blowing sensuality. The duo creates a natural ease and is sure to fulfil your devastating hunger. A melodious air overwhelms, sending us further into the depths of our imagination.

It’s a journey, a haute couture production which comes to an end with the mastered version of their forerunner title « Swept Away », once again enhanced by Anna’s sublime vocals, skilfully accompanying a punchy and exhilarating melody.
A piece with returning synths and ethereal arpeggios affirming their undeniable loyalty to the style of “Deep Pop”, a main reason for teaming up with our German counterparts.

These beautiful compositions are currently available for download on the following digital platforms, Beatport and Itunes.A second EP is soon to come with a remix of each title, and it’s needless to say but trust us that it will be just as alluring.


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