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14 Oct
Trash Lagoon - Struggle EP
Trashlagoon -Struggle (Original Mix)
TRASHLAGOON -Struggle (Madmotomiquel Remix)
TRASHLAGOON -Struggle (Viken Arman Remix)

Diving deep into the heavenly, surreal universe of the German duoTrashlagoonand their first release on Délicieuse.

The title « Struggle » is the leading single extracted from their album « Blue Empire » set to release January 2014. Sebastien and Niklas deliver us a sleek and euphoric sound, supported by the effectiveness of the piano gimmick. We admire their powerful yet subtle identity, a crossroads between UK garage and German deep house influences. 

Madmotormiquel, commander in chief of the leading label URSL (Soukie & Windish, NU, Lake People, etc.) honors us by taking on a spin of the title. His personal touch brings a new energy to the original, with a backdrop of a racing deep house beat. Supported by names like Hannes Fischer, Nico Stojan, and Rampue.. this track already proves to be promising.

Our man,Viken Arman, reinterprets the title in a romantic and dreamlike way, utilizing his signature « pianistic » style (the harpsichord). Once again, we’re blown away by the quality of his production. Always polished and in accordance with the original track’s approach.This release well identifies with the duo’s universe that they’ve since portrayed in their August release of « Daily Winter ». For the upcoming months we’ve got only good things in store : a live exclusive in Paris, another single set for November, and a vinyl release exclusively available on the Délicieuse..For what’s to come !


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