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27 Apr
Trashlagoon - Blue Empire LP
Trashlagoon - Appearance
Trashlagoon - Sunbug
Trashlagoon - Entracte (Feel)
Trashlagoon - Feel
Trashlagoon -Struggle (Original Mix)
Trashlagoon - Metaphobia
Trashlagoon - Struggle Pt.2
Trashlagoon - Circus
Trashlagoon - Forget
Trashlagoon - Entract (Pray)
Trashlagoon - Pray

GOING LIVE! Trashlagoon's entire album is now available to listen to on Soundcloud ...

Immerse yourself in the world of "Blue Empire", where sound travels through the depths of our duo's emotions. Keeping to a long format, they continue to beautifully evolve a unique musical identity. Most admirable of our duo is their ability to connect with their listener and on such a sentimental level.. We applaud!

Techno/house, trip-hop and pop succeed throughout the album, and flow (ex. both "intermissions") harmoniously.

Your soundtrack to summers approach is finally here:
For vinyl collectors- the album comes in just 2 weeks so stick tight!


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