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18 Mar
Viken Arman - Addiction EP
Viken Arman - Addiction (Original Mix)
Viken Arman - Nostalgie (Original Mix)
Viken Arman - Addiction (Nico Stojan Remix)
Viken Arman - Nostalgie (Powel Remix)

Today it’s with great pleasure to be presenting the latest release from our label,Délicieuse Records, a close collaboration between the most unique combo of producers, one whom we’ve been pleased to hear quite frequently on the current French electronic scene:Viken Arman.

An artist of versatility and skill, Viken considers music to be foremost a mirror of his emotions, not limiting himself to a single musical universe. Since he was young, he’s explored all various types of musical styles which he’s merged, and composes based solely off his mood. His mastery of the piano, and an attained degree at music school, has supplied him with a formal background in musical culture, and an undeniable ease which has enabled him to develop artistic creations ranging from Jazz through music for films, classical works, up until electronic music which he’s been experimenting with for the past 13 years.

For this first release, Viken offers two pieces which borderline between minimal, electronica and deep house. Supported by the maintenance for a constant harmony, the rhythm throughout"Nostalgie"and “Addiction”is embellished with refined and magnificently crafted beats. When most come to a halt entering that which is unexplored and uncertain, Viken succeeds with brilliance : marrying coherence and traditional melodic charm, not to mention « symphonies » of clearly electronic-oriented beats composed from original and unique sounds. The influence of the ‘Greats’ in regards to contemporary music at a broad sense can easily be deciphered when listening to Viken’s work: names like Erik Satie, Nicolas Jaar or Acid Pauli come first to mind.

Berlin producerNico Stojan, pillar to bar 25 and Germany’s deep/tech-house scene, took on his own spin to the title Addiction. What emerges is a dynamite version with immaculate percussions enhanced by a nonchalant bass. 

The other title of the EP, ‘Nostalgie’ is remixed by another producer across the Rhine, Paul Chriske, akaPowel. Both ascending from Berlin’s deep-house scene, Paul has everything to become legendary : a signature sound recognizable amongst 100s, an experienced drummer, etc. From the remix emerges a complete reconfiguration of the track, centralized around the use of the piano. Powel totally reworks the bass, an atypical speciality done by the use of his ‘paw’, the captivating atmosphere he scatters throughout the track via sounds deriving straight from the depths of Berlin.



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