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03 Oct
SoulChef - Good Vibes LP
SoulChef - What A Dream Remix (feat. Nieve)
Soulchef - For My People (feat. Awon)
SoulChef - Keep It Real (feat. Hydroponikz)
SoulChef - Outside
Soulchef - I Won't Follow You (feat. Nieve)
SoulChef - Sky High (feat. Chima Anya)
SoulChef - Luck Turns (feat. Blezz)

Here we are, finally ! After numerous months of hard work, today is the release day of "Good Vibes" fromSoulChefon Délicieuse Records !

This is definitely a 2.0 project : a beatmaker based in New-Zealand, a french label, some french scratches, some english, north american, swedish emcees, etc. it's a countless number of emails that allowed us to release this beautiful project that you can listen today.

We're so f****g happy to finally be here ! This album sounds old-school, but it's message and conception are definitely modern. Enjoy, Love is the Message !

Soulchef revives with Good Vibes the original spirit of Hip Hop.

The New Zealand beatmaker gives new life to this still living memory that we’re honouring on Delicieuse Musique since our inception. Taking us back to our classics, Soulchef shines a new and personal light on hip hop : the result is positive, groovy and true to its initial roots.

Good Vibes is the result of an exchange of more than 18 months between the producer, the label and various rappers. The album is a mapping of a league that helds the oldschool hip-hop standard : there can be found a whole bunch of more or less notorious MCs on it from Declaime to Croosh, a young talent spotted on Soundcloud.

Gathered around the unifying aura of Soulchef, Delicieuse Records decided to step out of its usual field, offering to its public its first Hip Hop release.


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