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01 Apr
Fhin - I'll Figure It Out par Mathieu
Fhin - I'll Figure It Out
27 Jan
Jany Green - Call My Parents par Mathieu

Jany Green is an Indie Pop/Hip-Hop artist originally from Anchorage, Alaska. His music is a blend of a few genres that he loves the most, creating a unique sound and feeling through his songs. Jany writes, records, and mixes all of his music.
Call My Parents is the upbeat love song that makes the butterflies in your stomach come to life when thinking about your crush. The feel good song is guaranteed to make anyone dance and sing along when it comes on.

Jany Green - Call My Parents
31 Jul
Hector Gachan pays tribute to the Bosniac legend Dino Merlin par Baptiste

Hector Gachan pays tribute to the Bosnian legend Dino Merlin (real name Edin Dervišhalidović) with this magnificent cover of one his hits "E, otkad mi se nisi javila".

Hector Gachan - E, otkad mi se nisi javila (Cover)
29 Jul
Vidal Benjamin unveils 80's Gems Compilation "Pop Sympathie" par Baptiste

After a vibrant tribute to the French Disco fever of the late 70s with "Disco Sympathy" in 2014, Vidal Benjamin is back with "Pop Sympathy", a new selection of lost 80's New Wave Synth Pop tunes. An undisguised reference to the great era of the iconic Parisian club Les Bains Douches, which welcomed celebrities such as Joy division, Les Rita Mitsouko & The Dead Kennedys, Pop Sympathy plunges us into the Synth Pop New Wave years with forgotten gems such as "Si Me Olvidas", "Rêve de Star" or "Bains Douches".

Full Compilation this way:

Cécillia - Si Me Olvidas
Yogo - Rêve De Star
Martin Circus - Bains Douches
17 Jul
Shane Tyler - The Clouds Cleared The Way par Mathieu
Shane Tyler - The Clouds Cleared The Way
Shane Tyler - Lemurian Promenade

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