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14 Dec
Blue Material - Statue In The Dark par Youssef

Thom Gillies, aka Blue Material (former member of TOPS and co-founder of Vesuvio Solo), returns with a brand new groove for the ages, 'Statue in the Dark'. True to its influences and style, he delivers yet another groovy romantic song.
Soft funky surges and disco whispers, Blue Material distils a swing that subtly electrifies the body. This synthetic peregrination haunted by a warm and sensual voice is bitten with emotion. With this pop with funk and disco bursts, this talented artist weaves an irresistible dancing canvas.

Blue Material - Statue In The Dark
30 Oct
Honeywhip - Vacation par Gautier

Tokyo founded, Los Angeles based outfit Honeywhip have been releasing track after stunning track and this new one is no execption. “Vacation” is a little ditty about very badly wanting to go on vacation. The fantasy of escape is strong right now and we dream about it every night, and daydream during the day.. but we're cooped up at home writing a song about it instead, and somehow that makes it all feel a little better.

Honeywhip - Vacation
05 May
Fhin - Lights Would Be Better par Gautier

After the singles 'Trauma' and 'I'll Figure It Out', Fhin unveils "Lights Would Be Better", evoking his memories of a childhood spent in hospitals. A desperate need to escape from real life, the impatience of nightfall, where dreams seem more legitimate.

Like his minnow eyes, the singer, producer and musician Fhin has imagined for his productions a sound with multiple colours mixing neo-soul (James Blake, Bon Iver), progressive/alternative (Pink Floyd, Radiohead) and electronic (Flume, Disclosure) influences. Intertwining the feminine and the masculine in the treatment of his voice.

After performing at festivals such as We love Green and Cabourg mon Amour, he starts a sensation with his cover of the rock opera Starmania "Quand on Arrive en Ville", described by Konbini as "a little jewel cut into a pop piece, elegant and modern, which is a pleasant way of announcing the sequel".

Fhin - Lights Would Be Better
01 Apr
Fhin - I'll Figure It Out par Mathieu
Fhin - I'll Figure It Out
27 Jan
Jany Green - Call My Parents par Mathieu

Jany Green is an Indie Pop/Hip-Hop artist originally from Anchorage, Alaska. His music is a blend of a few genres that he loves the most, creating a unique sound and feeling through his songs. Jany writes, records, and mixes all of his music.
Call My Parents is the upbeat love song that makes the butterflies in your stomach come to life when thinking about your crush. The feel good song is guaranteed to make anyone dance and sing along when it comes on.

Jany Green - Call My Parents

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