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24 Oct
Leifur James: The new protégé of Gilles Peterson. par

Nothing new there, the London scene lives a unique musical fusion these last years, which led the way to various projects from jazz to hip-hop with some electro on the way.
The main figure of this movement is clearly Gilles Peterson , and he’s constantly putting some new acts on the radar. Leifur James being the last one, revealed on the WorldWide FM, the British musician just released his first album « A Louder Silence ».

With ten tracks based on a strong electronic inspiration, James creates a wide universe that allows a lot of space for his imagination. Many influences makes him follow different paths , where the listener gets some jazz breaks, a dreamy pop guitar, some Hebrew chants, a deep-house synth or even a vocal range that reminds us of a good neo-soul hit.
We get that kind of spirit on “Mumma Don’t Tell” , on which we can pick plenty of musical inspirations, therefore, the result still is unique in it’s own style, always in this special dynamic that the artist likes to explore.

Outstanding results, this album brings a lot of sounds, but still keeps a deep homogeneity and a global mind-set. Being able to play on all the instruments gives Leifur James a huge advantage, he uses his skills brilliantly to merge electronic and acoustic sounds. This gives a full render to listen to, with a huge strength and heat due to the acoustic instruments, and a frenetic spirit with the electronic parts.

After being revealed by Gilles Peterson , XLR8R, Stamp the Wax and BBC Radio 6 show their full support to the artist, there’s no doubt that we will hear about him in the next mounts, starting with the release party for his first LP at the London’s Ghost Note guesting Yazz Ahmed on trumpet. It is now time to discover the beautiful video clip produce by Sander Houtkruijer and shot in Bogota for the track « Night and Day ».

Leifur James - Mumma Don't Tell
Leifur James - Salaninam

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