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06 Jun
Red Axes tripping in Vietnam par

The two Israelis producers are back with the second release of their "Trips" series, simply entitled Trips #2: Vietnam after Africa last year, it's in Asia they decided to settle, undoubtedly for visiting but not only ! To produce this EP, the two artists went deep in the roots of the country, it's not about obscure samples on this one but about wonderfull collaboration betwenn them and student musicians. The result of this journey is the meeting of some traditionnal instruments, of Vietnamese vocals and the " Red Axes treatment" reserved to their house-oriented tracks : instrumentalised samples and few synth notes here and there.

Reserve 24 minutes of your time and answer to the call of adventure ! You'll be well wellcomed ( Ho Chi Minh ) with a warm and exotic groove, the two following track are getting more mystical and the voice you can hear on the first ( Hanoi ) will be remplaced by an acid and tribal danse ( Phu Quok ). Goodbyes come with a chill vibe where musicians and choirs invoke the sunrise in front of the China Sea ( Hue ).

Red Axes - Ho Chi Min (Beo Dat May Troi feat. HCMC Students)
Red Axes - Phu Quok (feat. Minh Duong)
Red Axes - Hanoi (feat. Cô Đôi Thượng Ngàn & Viet Rice Band)

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