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18 Jun
Daphni (aka Caribou) reveal the first track of forecoming release par

Dan Snaith is a versatile man, you may have heard from him listening to Caribou since he's behind the project since its beginning in 2005, if you heard of Daphni , it's the same person but you deal with his electronic alter-ego also known for his thrilling DJ sets. It's behind this alias that the man will release an EP next July: Sizzling EP , which will be out almost two years after his last album Joli Mai. The first track is out, Sizzling is a remix of the disco classic Sizzling Hot from Paradise and it's loud and strong, a few days from the summer, Daphni drops this little bomb which will easily stay in your summer playlists!

Sizzling EP by Daphni]


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