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27 Aug
COMA resurfaces with 2 singles announcing the color of their third album par Baptiste

A destroyer of the German scene since 2007, the duo COMA had been making noise since 2008 with a first eponymous EP released by Firm and then a second "Crystal" the following year signed with Kompakt Records , the leading figure on the German electronic scene.

It is in 2013 that Georg Conrad & Marius Bubat release "In Technicolor" their first album still on Kompakt & concretize their status of revelation of the German Electronica scene with some bombs like "Missing Pieces" , "Les Dilletantes" or "Hooooray" which did not take a ride in 2019.

Two personalities with egos at the height of their talent in the service of an Electronica sound impregnated with Pop and tinged with German House & Techno influences halfway between WEVAL & Kalabrese .

Since "In Technicolor" COMA has been able to talk about themselves again with "Atlantis" in 2014 & "The Side Of Paradise" in 2016 and is back more grandiose than ever with a new album "Voyage Voyage" scheduled for November 22.

2 singles and a clip have already been released to announce the color of the album, "Snurrebassen" an electronic journey with a devastating bass in the line of "My Orbit" and "A Train" , a magnificent Pop Electronica ballad that allows the Colognese duo to glimpse a new horizon that seems to mark a memorable return.

COMA will be back on stage in the fall with a European tour that will logically start in Berlin on November 28th. Having seen the duo live in Bordeaux 5 years ago, we guarantee you an experience as impressive as ours.

The upcoming album 'Voyage Voyage' is available for pre order right here →

COMA - A Train
COMA - Snurrebassen
COMA - Missing Piece
Coma - Atlantis
Coma - Les Dilettantes

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