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11 Dec
Emancipator & 9 Theory - A Thousand Clouds par Baptiste

A Thousand Clouds is the follow-up EP to Emancipator and 9 Theory's highly-acclaimed 2019 collaboration, Cheeba Gold. After the success of their first EP, and how fun and organic the making of it was, the two west-coast electronic music producers set out to see if they could recreate that magic once again with 4 new songs. The two spent one week together at Emancipator's studio in the Oregon woods and went from a completely blankslate to this finished new EP in just 6 days. To keep in the spirit of Cheeba Gold this new EP, A Thousand Clouds, was also intended to be only 4 songs, be made quickly without overthinking it too much, and the track order of the songs is again the same order in which they were made. The end result is another unique, magical blend of electronic, downtempo, indie, and hip-hop that lives somewhere really special outside of what either artist would ever make on their own.


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