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14 Oct
Aso - Seasons par

Aso is an experimental artist that enjoys producing chilled hip hop and other laid back sounds. Aso's musical background originated from a young age . He picked up the piano by the age of 4 and the guitar by the age of 12, not long after that he fell in love with jazz and other formed of instrumental music. Aso was Inspired by a few known artists such as Bill Evans, Nujabes, J Dilla, and Gigi Masin. fortunately he started producing by the time he was 19 and turned that into a hobby by the time he started college.

Aso now studies music theory and audio engineering at college. He spent a good amount of time practicing forms of spirituality as he worked solely on music. He is officially recognized as an artist for labels such as Chillhop Records and Mellow Orange. He strives to take it to the next level by seriously aiming his energy purely on music production.

Aso - Seasons
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