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08 Mar
'Pourquoi pas' a Pop ballad signed by Miel de Montagne par

Miel de Montagne , this is the artist name chosen by Milan Tell to satisfy his impulses of Pop.

We released his first single 'Pourquoi Pas' with the friends of Pain Surprises. A track and a musical adventure that you can not miss.

Miel de Montagne, the second alias of Milan after Tell for his House side, operates a very nice breakthrough in the Pop sphere shifted but still groovy . Playing with words, expressing so much with so little, is the strength of this colorful project.

A piece and style that divides between those who do not grasp the passion and those who identify with this skier, visibly uncomfortable. A deliberately retro Pop sound on the borders of kitsch in tune with a depth of the libertarian and undress claims of Miel de Montagne. No more, no less, this is the winning combo of our new darling.

Miel de Montagne - Pourquoi Pas

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