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18 Sep
Saint Dx brilliantly continues its solo journey with "Prime Of Your Life" par Baptiste

After heating up the stage for Charlotte Gainsbourg's tour this summer, Saint DX is back with a new single "Prime Of Your Life". Saint Dx is the solo project of Aurélien Hamm, former member of the group Apes & Horses. His music, like his name, smells like the synthetic Pop of the 80s and 90s. Saint'Dx' is a direct reference to the famous "Yamaha DX7" synthesizer that can be found on many of the records released at that time.

After a remarkable debut on Cracki Records with "Regrets", "Still Care" or "First Fantasy" Saint Dx continues its solo journey with "Prime Of Your Life", drawing on the best of the 80's without ever falling into the pitfalls of a cheesy Pop. On the contrary, Aurélien brings a modern and refreshing touch to it, both in the production and in the overall aesthetics of the project.

Saint Dx - Prime Of Your Life

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