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29 Jan
"A BIGGER SPLASH" debut solo album by the enigmatic Futuro Pelo par Baptiste

With the fringe at the edge of his eyes, Benjamin Sportès is still only a child when he discovers Elvis Presley's footwork on television. He sees a truth in it. Fuelled by a desire for the stage that he can never shut up, he is catapulted into the world of music, first imitating the King with a broom as an instrument. Then in the 80s, in the midst of the new "alternative" scene, he played as soon as he could with his rockabilly band (the Wanderers) alongside other bands such as the Mano Negra, Wampas...

After several years spent in an art school in London, in the 90's, the man touches all kinds of cardboard and participates in the design of the sets for the youth TV show the Minikeums, he sings on his personal project Sportès and records an album with Eric Serra before discovering the possibilities offered by computer music.

He then launched into a new electro duo called Sporto Kantès, which still whistles to the ears of most people today. It was a great success. The adventure alongside Nicolas Kantorowicz, bassist of the Wampas, lasted fifteen years and four albums.

In 2013, he turns the page for a period marked by questions about the future. The result is a total and momentary rejection of music and a profusion of pencilled, scribbled, black, caustic, poetic drawings...

In 2016, it is music that takes over again when he decides to present his new solo project entitled Futuro Pelo (future hair for a man who no longer has any). The Pain Surprises and Délicieuse Musique teams enthusiastically welcome this joyful mix of pop, lyrics sung in French, English and Spanish, and samples found by happy coincidence in the sounds of his personal collection which navigates between all extremes (rockabilly, world, funk, modern pop, house...). Futuro Pelo compiles his science of pop and his discoveries in two successive EPs released in 2017 (Bluff) and 2018 (Eden).

The birth of Futuro Pelo goes hand in hand with the birth of Monsieur Bouche present on the covers and clips. Monsieur Bouche is Benjamin Sportès' imaginary friend, his way of expressing in drawings what he can't say orally.

On February 7, 2020, A BIGGER SPLASH is released, a nod to David Hockney and an allegory to the great leap of the first album. With this title, Benjamin Sportès also materializes a leap into the void, the need to "say" things, to be less distracting and to be as close as possible to the emotions. Twelve years of psychoanalysis at the rate of two sessions a week have most certainly guided her towards this.

TERROR feat. La Flaca
Futuro Pelo - Automne (feat. Chima Anya)
Futuro Pelo - Swamp
Futuro Pelo - Nncy
Futuro Pelo - Bluff feat. Agnès Aokky
Futuro Pelo - Hands feat. La Flaca

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