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03 Jun

Just about to embark for an european tour (unfortunately, no date is yet scheduled in France), the australian Dj and Producer Late Nite Tuff Guy accepted to answer at our questions, for our greatest happiness. Working also under the Dj HMC alias, the rightly entitled «Godfather of Australian Disco » talks about his career, about his different influences and about his love of dancefloor. Actually, this is true that when some groove is needed or when it is about giving a fresh boost of seventies's classics (but not only), Late Nite Tuff Guy is the right man.

Délicieuse  : What is the line between your two projects Late Nite Tuff Guy and DJ HMC ?
LNTG : DJ HMC is where my productions started in the 90’s. The music I created under this title was techno and house and I’m grateful that it was received so well, not just in Australia but also globally. I’m excited about my new label ‘Reflector’ which will showcase my remastered back catalogue as well as my new Dj HMC work.
Late Nite Tuff Guy’s productions come from my early love of Disco, Soul and RNB and I wanted to take tracks that I love and make them more accessible for me to play ‘live’ in my DJ sets.

Délicieuse : Your activity is prolific, how do you mainly work? By instinct?
LNTG: It is more instinctive and I trust my heart and hope that the people who listen feel it too.

Délicieuse  :Do you have any project in view?
LNTG : My next big project will be an LNTG album and I’m currently working on this and have some great ideas about how it’s going to happen.

Délicieuse  : Usually people started first as producer and then became Dj, but you did the opposite. According to you, was it easier? After all, was it a natural evolution?
LNTG : I’d have to say it felt like a natural transition for me to do it this way. Being a DJ first gave me a great understanding of the structure of music and how it relates to a dancefloor.

Délicieuse  : Do you have other influences than disco/techno ?
LNTG : Well as I have mentioned earlier the great Soul, Funk and RNB artists of the past have been a big influence but also House music, Prince and Detroit Techno have all been a very influential part of my musical life.

Délicieuse  :You grew up during the height of disco era and honestly you are one of the main person that keeps this style alive. Was it your goal when you started this carreer? Do you want to make this style carry on (for instance by reworking or remixing classics of that time) ?
LNTG : Well no, it was never a strategic thing to do this. It just felt right for me and I just secretly hoped that others would love and enjoy it as much as I did. I think there will always be a place for this music as it taps in to your soul and I’m not sure about my personal direction as it continues to evolve but I do know that the influence of this music will always be present in anything I produce.

Délicieuse  : By the way, we might say that your sounds are kind of retro, are you happy to make this style live again nowadays or would you have prefer being a producer and a dj in the seventies?
LNTG : Haha that’s a hard question as I would love to have a time machine and play alongside someone like Larry Levan at Paradise Garage NYC back in the day. I do believe I’m a fortunate to play all of these sounds now as during my sets I can move through all of the genres of music that I love to play.

Délicieuse  : How would you explain the longevity and "power" of Disco? Do you have the feeling of inventing again this genre every day?
LNTG : I think that if you are talking about Disco the power comes from the freedom, energy and soul that was part of this era of music. Artists and producers were very prolific back then and apart from the classic and more famous tracks, there’s a massive body of work that is still there to explore. I think about all types of music every day.

Délicieuse  : How has your sound and setup evolved as a dj and a producer over the years ? and when were the turning points in the development of your sound?
LNTG : My evolution as far as my sound has been completely organic. I just trust my instinct and let the music take me to new and exciting places.

Délicieuse  :On your website, we can read : " fear of daylight", do you consider that your music is above all having sense on a night time (with all the fantasies we have around night times) ? Do you extol or having a particular goal by doing what you do?
LNTG : I think you may have misread this as I don’t have a fear of daylight. I did, in the past, have a fear of flying, and I still need to manage this, but it’s something I wanted to overcome so I could tour and play all over the world. My goal is to continue to produce and make music and play to live audiences, the feeling of a dancefloor loving the sounds never gets old for me.

Time Bandits - Shootin' Love [LNTG Rework]
Change - Hold Tight (LNTG Edit)
Make U Mine [LNTG Rework]
Chili HiFly - Is It Love? [LNTG Disco Groove]

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