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18 Jul
Floating Points goes back to his electronics roots with a new EP par

Touchy producer, diggin' enthusiast and A-class DJ, Sam Shepherd just drop a 2 titles EP on Ninja Tunes. After the release of his praised soul-infused Late Night Tales compilation, it's like meeting a friend without having seen him since a long time, here Floating Points is back messing around with his synths and taking the guts out of it. Understand minimalism, basslines and straightforward rhythms for your pleasure. The man says it himself, he managed to reconnect with its early influences and the way he created his first records, meaning spending some time alone in the studio surrounded with machines.

TIP : listening to "Coorabell" kinda like finding 50 dollars in a festival, it's a night changer !

Floating Points - LesAlpx
Floating Points - Coorabell
20 Jun
Young Turkish prodigy Aleksandir release a new EP on his own label par Baptiste

Young Turkish producer Alex Lawrence aka Aleksandir was undoubtedly one of the House revelations of 2018.
He had swept the House game with the release last May of a 12" of 3 tracks and two remixes "Yamaha" appeared on Tessellate. It was the eponymous track of the EP "Yamaha" that simply exploded with more than 3M plays on Youtube. The recipe for this unexpected success is a modern, progressive, harmonious House, with warm synthesizers and impeccable rhythmics.

Despite his young age, Alex decided to create his own label Artesian Sounds in 2017, with a first release of the English Harrison BDP . Aleksandir is finally back in 2019, on his label, with ARS003 a new 4-track EP that confirms the young Turk's first burst of brilliance.

Aleksandir - Hard To Explain
Aleksandir - Hear me Through
Aleksandir - Gaseous Love
Aleksandir - Trying Your Luck
18 Jun
Daphni (aka Caribou) reveal the first track of forecoming release par

Dan Snaith is a versatile man, you may have heard from him listening to Caribou since he's behind the project since its beginning in 2005, if you heard of Daphni , it's the same person but you deal with his electronic alter-ego also known for his thrilling DJ sets. It's behind this alias that the man will release an EP next July: Sizzling EP , which will be out almost two years after his last album Joli Mai. The first track is out, Sizzling is a remix of the disco classic Sizzling Hot from Paradise and it's loud and strong, a few days from the summer, Daphni drops this little bomb which will easily stay in your summer playlists!

Sizzling EP by Daphni]

06 Jun
Red Axes tripping in Vietnam par

The two Israelis producers are back with the second release of their "Trips" series, simply entitled Trips #2: Vietnam after Africa last year, it's in Asia they decided to settle, undoubtedly for visiting but not only ! To produce this EP, the two artists went deep in the roots of the country, it's not about obscure samples on this one but about wonderfull collaboration betwenn them and student musicians. The result of this journey is the meeting of some traditionnal instruments, of Vietnamese vocals and the " Red Axes treatment" reserved to their house-oriented tracks : instrumentalised samples and few synth notes here and there.

Reserve 24 minutes of your time and answer to the call of adventure ! You'll be well wellcomed ( Ho Chi Minh ) with a warm and exotic groove, the two following track are getting more mystical and the voice you can hear on the first ( Hanoi ) will be remplaced by an acid and tribal danse ( Phu Quok ). Goodbyes come with a chill vibe where musicians and choirs invoke the sunrise in front of the China Sea ( Hue ).

Red Axes - Ho Chi Min (Beo Dat May Troi feat. HCMC Students)
Red Axes - Phu Quok (feat. Minh Duong)
Red Axes - Hanoi (feat. Cô Đôi Thượng Ngàn & Viet Rice Band)
06 Mar
The label of Dimensions Festival released an impressive LP with Kerem Akdag. par

News of the day comes from Istanbul, through the english guys of Dimensions Recordings , the label of Dimensions. This festival which takes place in the last days of August in Pula, Croatia, will celebrate this year its 7th candle and accompanied for some years now his own label.

The Turkish artist, Kerem Akdag signs the fifth release of the label and in view of this album, we feel that Dimensions Recordings climbs the ladder and slips a foot in the big leagues.

Kerem Akdag was noted at the "Miller Music Factory Contest", one of the leading electronic music competitions in Turkey. Accustomed to occupy the rhythm as a drummer for compositions Funk or Blues , it is out of curiosity that he tries, brilliantly, electronic productions. His experience of musician Soul obviously brings a plus in his work and it is really felt in the construction of the tracks where the bassline and the drums play a huge place.

This eponymous opus consists of 8 tracks and stands out with a particular aesthetic, carried by a production of impressive maturity . A hybrid album where House tracks such as "Unite" or "Studio Pimp" reflect the club's side of the disc, counterbalancing with more downtempo and tasty pieces like "Drums Please" or "Isolated". The LP undeniably draws its strength from the diversity of the pieces that constitute it, drawing a real walk between House and Soul .

Kerem Akdag is out March 09on Dimensions Recordings.

Kerem Akdag - Isolated
Kerem Akdag - Unite
Kerem Akdag - Find Yourself
Kerem Akdag - Drums Please
Kerem Akdag - Studio Pimp

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