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26 Jul
Courrier Sud - Fool Moon par Victoire

Named in homage to Saint-Exupéry and the airmail, Courrier Sud is a one-way ticket to the stars.
With his feet in Paris and his heart in Casablanca, his hometown, Rayane's music is also rich in his double culture; a pop with electronic sounds, a sunny and soaring rhythm, a candid and melancholic tone.
Claiming influences from Tellier, Air and Gainsbourg, he is also inspired by oriental nights and by his passion for astrology.

In 2020, Courrier Sud participated in the compilation of the Parisian label Kitsuné with his first track in French Sur Ma Bossa . He appears the same year on the compilation of Bon Entendeur with the sunny You Be The Sun .
Courrier Sud takes off this year by signing his first EP on Délicieuse Records . The tracks were produced at Motorbass , the mythical studio of Philippe Zdar, whose work has always influenced Rayane.

Courrier Sud - Fool Moon [Delicieuse Records]
22 Jun
Frazier Blue - Cryboy par Victoire

Last November young Australian producer Frazier Blue got us dreaming with ‘Baby Blue’ , and with his latest release ‘Cryboy’ he further emphasizes this point with a vibrant and addictive collection of sounds and sweet jams that simply cannot be ignored.

The 21-year-old artist from Sydney produces, records and mixes his songs in his own bedroom, but it’s so well done you would think this came straight out of a recording studio.
‘Cryboy’ combines smooth lyrics with almost fuzzy sounding vocals that tie his music into what a dream would sound like, keeping us warm with his bittersweet melodies.
With this being just his second single, Frazier Blue has definitely left a mark with this song, and we’re only more excited to see what he has up his sleeve.
Great news, he’s currently working on his debut EP we’ll be releasing on Nice Guys Records. Keep an ear out for him but for now, escape into the world of ‘Cryboy’.

Frazier Blue - Cryboy
18 May
Sinqa - Listen Up par Victoire

Singer and multi-instrumentalist, Sinqa was born and lives in Paris. He writes, records, and produces all his music himself. The young producer already has the groove and the feeling of an old hand and delivers infectious music with concise guitar licks, bursts of synths and mellow vocals conjuring a hypnotic and mellow feel.

'Listen Up' , his new single extract from his upcoming EP 'Venom' , will take only a few bars before you’re swept away by a fierce groove. A dreamy and emotional ballad yet incredibly groovy, the perfect partner in crime for warmer seasons incoming.

We’re super thrilled to release his upcoming EP ‘Venom’ on Nice Guys Records, a rich production, alternating between devastating beat, almost dark, and dreamy sounds. We could stop there but how not to mention this unique voice grain which also oscillates between round and warm bass and graceful flights.

Sinqa - Listen Up
31 Mar
Vern matz - Funny Water par Victoire

Michael Lituchy and Korean American artist Daniel Belgrad of Vern Matz wrote 'Funny Water' , a track driven by different layers of acoustic guitars, gently fuzzed-out, and driving drums that provide fresh energy to the whole.

The track is the second single after 'Fish Tank' , leading up to the full-length release 'Another Land' set for a release in April through Nice Guys Records .

Odd tasting water and jangly acoustic guitars set the stage for 'Funny Water ', a song that moves in slow motion but rushes by. As if looking back on life through a kaleidoscope, Vern's world is slanted and enchanted: a modern love note to 90s slacker jams and lost loves.

Vern Matz - Funny Water
02 Mar
Butter Bath - Spectator EP par Victoire

Based on the smooth tone that practically radiates from his tracks, Toby Anagnostisthe Sydney-based artist who makes music as Butter Bath - seems to have picked the right name for his project.

Butter Bath’s EP, Spectator, is an annotation of the past 18 months of Toby’s life as the intricacies of adolescence becomes peripheral and the full-bodied form of adulthood starts to take shape.
The 6 tracks EP is characterised by lyrical irony, hazy guitars over soul-infused rhythm sections. It emphasises the notion of being content with not understanding in the wake of life’s complexities.

With this first EP, Butter Bath may see himself as a spectator at heart, but he also has his place in the spotlight.

Butter Bath - Stray Cats
Butter Bath - Devil Fangs
Butter Bath - You And Me
Butter Bath - Beds With Springs
Butter Bath - Detox
Butter Bath - Back Home Old Buddy

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