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23 Apr
Aussie's band Mildlife returns with a hi-powered 12" par Baptiste

About one year ago, four adventurous musicians just released their first album : Phase . What you can expect : a bunch of synths going places, a well-mastered drum-bass duo (extra percussions included), a nonchalant voice and an englobing guitar. Those 4 fellas have known each other of a long time and the 6 tracks result from years spent rocking the pubs and venues of Melbourne and its region. They conceive a very "live" approach of their music, mostly because of the sound and the alchemy they managed to set while performing numerous gigs together, one of them says it all : "It was all about the thrill of jamming together."

Mildlife is a fascinating mix between psychedelic disco, space jazz & funk pop and we can hear all these influences in the opening track : The Magnificent Moon . It begins with an arpegiated synth loop which be joined by the other instruments in no time, the loop won't stop until the end of the nearly 9 minute long song, however, its sound is easily forgettable due to the large palette of sounds and atmospheres later developped by the band...

The other pieces of music are also successful, Zwango Pop , most likely the funkiest song on this record arrives right on time to follow the synthetic tumult of the previous. With Im Blau the band features a softer feeling with the help of flute, vocoder and enveloping synths. Up next, the title track, Phase or Mildlife at its quietest with this very laid back instrumental in which the rhythm gets slower and slower until it matches seconds' flow. The two last songs revive the atmosphere with sound a bit closer to pop even if the band still mixes numerous influences.

The good news is that they're back with a new single ! Without much advertisement, How Long Does It Take? echoes to the two opening tracks of their first release : the 4/4 beat strikes back after an awsome introduction where rhodes and flute are combined in a mystic way. When the bass kicks in, it's like a take off, soon the musicians will take you outerspace thanks to their intergalactical effect and synths, a valuable and well kept secret.

In addition, the 12" comes with two remixes by Daniele Baldilli and Marco Diogini , the two Italians producers turned the song into a weapon of choice for those willing to spice their house/disco playlist. Special award for the " Melba remix " (last one) which could have been entitled "cosmic remix".

The lead singer declared in an interview the band planned to return in studios after the end of their tour, it seems everyone is back in Australia since last October so we might expect an announcement in the forecoming months...

By : Paul Hazera

Mildlife - How Long Does It Take?

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