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02 Mar
Butter Bath - Spectator EP par Victoire

Based on the smooth tone that practically radiates from his tracks, Toby Anagnostisthe Sydney-based artist who makes music as Butter Bath - seems to have picked the right name for his project.

Butter Bath’s EP, Spectator, is an annotation of the past 18 months of Toby’s life as the intricacies of adolescence becomes peripheral and the full-bodied form of adulthood starts to take shape.
The 6 tracks EP is characterised by lyrical irony, hazy guitars over soul-infused rhythm sections. It emphasises the notion of being content with not understanding in the wake of life’s complexities.

With this first EP, Butter Bath may see himself as a spectator at heart, but he also has his place in the spotlight.

Butter Bath - Stray Cats
Butter Bath - Devil Fangs
Butter Bath - You And Me
Butter Bath - Beds With Springs
Butter Bath - Detox
Butter Bath - Back Home Old Buddy

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