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07 Dec
Jacob Groening - Hangover EP
Jacob Groening - Hangover
Jacob Groening - Lilac Wine
Jacob Groening - Never End
Jacob Groening - Hangover (Mira & Chris Schwarzwalder Remix)
Jacob Groening - Never End (Powel Remix)

Hamburg-native,Jacob Groeningand his newly released "Hangover" EP marks the 16th release of our label.

The producer, initially known for his soundcloud mixtapes, has immersed himself in the world of personal production. With the use of three key elements we detect his unique identity- Berlin deep-house influence, ambient pop and melodic samples which are sure to ring a bell to true enthusiasts.

"Hangover" sets the mood as the incorporation of disco-era vocals and unique instrumentation sync to create a refreshingly deep electronic-pop production. The remix version by Chris Schwarzwalder and Mira strings along a heavier beat, making this a gem one for the clubs.

"Lilac Wine" is a luxurious production built around an unrecognizable voice sample. The progression of profound instrumentation is elegantly executed. "Never End" further displays Groening's talent for draping melodies tailored for the dancefloor. Who better than our beloved Powel to make a flawless adaptation?

Taking it easy as winter approaches.


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